It is a process in which eggs and sperms can be preserved with intention to have children in future.

It can be offered to the person
1. Who are about to be treated for cancer and will need chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
2. Person who have auto immune disease and will need chemotherapy.
3. Person wants to delay the pregnancy or marriage.
4. Needs to go for surgery for fibroids or endometriosis.

Fertility preservation includes
1. SPERM CRYOPRESERVATION – Male provides samples of his semen which is frozen and stored for use in future.
2. OOCYTE VITRIFICATION – In this after stimulation the eggs are retrieved and these unfertilized eggs are frozen and stored.
3 IVF and CRYOPRESERVATION OF EMBRYOS – This is done on case of multiple/big fibroids in uterus requiring Myomectomy.

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