In vitro fertilization is a process of fertilization by extracting eggs, collecting semen sample and then combining eggs and sperm in a dish. The resultant embryos formed is transferred to the uterus.

1. Fallopian tubes are blocked or damaged or removed.
2. Deceased sperm count and motility.
3. Ovulation disorders.
4. Low ovarian reserve.
5. Unexplained fertility.

The steps involved are

1. Ovarian stimulation with help of medications as multiple eggs are desired.
2. These are monitored with help of transvaginal ultrasound.
3. These eggs are retrieved through minor surgical procedure under short anesthesia with help of a needle.
4. On the day of ovum pick up, male partner is asked to give semen sample.
5. The sperm and eggs are kept together in a dish to facilitate fertilization. These fertilized eggs or embryos are transferred back to the uterus after 3 to 5 days of retrieval with help of small catheter. Generally, one or two embryos are transferred and rest are frozen. The pregnancy test is done after 15 days.

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