It is also called donor assisted reproduction. In this either egg or sperms or embryo is provided by a third party or donor.

It is indicated

1. Poor ovarian reserve
2. Advanced maternal age
3. Azoospermia
4. Poor sperm parameters
5. Self ivf failures

This includes

1. EGG DONATION – It is a type of fertility treatment where woman receives eggs donated by another woman typically younger fertile woman, these eggs are fertilized with her husband sperms, the embryos are created and subsequently transferred back to her, ideally done in advanced maternal age or poor eggs quality.

2. SPERM DONATION – It entails the use of sperm donation by anonymous male donor to help another couple to conceive.

Indicated in
a. Azoospermia
b. Single woman
c. Testicular failure
d. Genetic disease in male partner with chance to pass to child
e. Severe sperm defects

3. SURROGACY – It is indicated in women with bulky uterus or multiple fibroids, Woman is suffering from medical diseases where it is life risk while taking pregnancy.

It’s about finding a volunteer who is willing to carry baby in her uterus for another couple, this baby is not biologically related to her and can only be done after legal contract is signed by both party.

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